A Little About Me



I am currently a student at Fayetteville State University.  I have recently completed the program to earn my B.S.P.S (Bachelor Science Professional Studies) and I am now seeking to get my certification in writing. While undergoing 4 literature classes I want to have experienced  a whole lot more of . . .  living. I love meeting people and sharing in life’s lessons. Every person I meet contributes to my experiences and has an allowance in my lessons in life; generating  new stories and completing an older ones at the same time.

As a child, I began to construct my thoughts onto paper. Drawing  a picture of my life and my  most  memorable events with  words. I was attempting to illustrate  and identify the complexity of my  emotions.  Writing and music are and have always been a big part of who I am. I  remember my very first  portable radio/record player which my grandpa bought for me.when I was 9 years old.

I remeber my first radio
I remember my first radio

It took 6 D batteries, and man was I so cool, strutting my act throughout the

military housing in 1972!

I upgraded to an all in one, system of the: AM/FM receiver, turntable, 8 track cassette player in 1975. It was not portable but I fell asleep every night with my headphones on while staring at those magnificent blue lights illuminating from out the face. There are no words to express my passion for music. Anyone, or better, everyone that knows me will say, “That girl loves music”.

157114717_soundesign-am-fm-receiver-cassette-record-player-6660  So you ask “Why don’t I play?” My response is always the same, “God gave me such little    talent in that department”, then I will add, “I can play the hell out of a radio though”.  God    spared nothing when it comes to my gift of gab, however… back to the music. Music is the  third on my love list behind God and my Family. My experience with music is that it  represents my favorite memories (a soundtrack for my life story). Music is like a moving  photograph. ” Music is what feelings sound like”.  Each instrument  sings to me on a  wave of emotional chords; moving me ever so  freaking passionately;  taking me somewhere  else that I would rather to be,  at least for that moment. In time.  Music is quite smoving. (Moving smoothly)

My Philosophical Query

What is it Lord that makes me think the way that I do? What is it that makes me ponder? How is that I am able to come to a decision – or – to make no decision at all. Why have I chosen to write? Who is it in my past that I inherit my thinking ways? Why don’t I inherit those that I need – that so many have tried to teach to me? How is it that I am the way I am, and not the way that you want me to be? Am I stronger? Who am I, what am I for and most of all why must be people get old, then die?

What is it within me that enables me to love or not – to be loved or not? Why is it that I feel like I do? And why do I feel at all (when eventually -, it will all be taken away). Do I think before I feel or feel before I think? What am I doing here Lord whenever we all must eventually leave all we loved and then again why everyone must feel pain from experiencing life?



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